Om Goddess Divine


Julie began her journey into the Mind, Body, Healing realm while growing up in a family owned health spa in the 70's. 

Years of Fitness, Athletics, dance and gymnastics moved Julie forward into a career of performing arts and professional dance.  It was During this time Julie experienced a back injury while attending Performing Arts College. As traditional protocols were not resonating with her, Julie began to rehab herself using the Pilates  knowledge and training she received as a dancer. The mind, body connection became clear and Julie came to understand and experience the concept of healing the body from the 'inside out'. 

In the early 90's, Julie owned & operated a Personal Training Center in  Florida, before moving west to the San Francisco Bay Area. After completing extensive Pilates trainings and certifications,  Julie initiated her own Pilates Therapy practice in a sports physician's office.
Maintaining balance personally and professionally became a priority and Julie began to deepen in her Yoga practice and completed extensive yoga training and became certified in the early 2000's. 

After moving to the Napa Valley she continued her journey into the various levels of the healing body and opened to her gifts as a Reiki Healer. As the Napa Valley nurtured her gifts as a Healer, Living Om Studio, in St. Helena, California, was born.

It was Year 2010 when Julie returned to Florida to take care of family and she began writing extensively.   Articles published and books written Julie's Blog, "Yoga. It's not about the pose.", was gaining popularity out west.  Julie continued to teach periodic workshops and specialty classes in California before settling in Florida. In 2013 Julie received her White Belt certification in Nia and she continues to share, evolve and grow in the Sarasota area.