Yoga: A pose in the Void.

Every button that could be pushed, had been pushed. As an adult, I had met my maker. The one who gave birth to me in this lifetime, my mother. It began to make sense that circling from infant to adult through an experience with my mother, my ‘stuff’ would be staring right back at me. As I have grown and evolved through this experience with my mother, I realize I have been a reflection of her paradigms, her belief systems, which have been projected outward toward me (and others).  Her gift to me is the ability to see this with clarity.

Allowing, Accepting, Letting Go and Detachment. These are words to live by and my recipe for survival.  

I would not leave and I would not move away.  By choosing to stay I was able to find the path of least resistance. For it is here, at the path of least resistance, the truth lies. My truth.  I find myself in a space where I am able to let go, I control nothing. I want nothing.  It is a space of the ‘void’. I force nothing and I allow. I step into a place of acceptance.

In the void, I sense a place of flow, ease and grace. I can feel and recognize the breath of stillness in the winds of the storm. It is the sigh of letting go. Becoming fully immersed in complete detachment, I find home.

This is freedom. There is no push and there is no pull.

The stuff no longer belongs to me. There is no stuff. It has no power or control and it rules no longer.

The void is a place for beginnings. As samsara and nirvana are the same, so too are beginnings and endings. It is the circle of life.  It is in this place of flow, of freedom where I find my truth. The truth which is inherent in all human beings. In all of us. Our oneness. The ‘One’ in us. You and me.  It is the truth of who I am at my core, my center. Who we all are.

In this place called the ‘void’, when I am still my truth, my essence washes over me in a very soft, gentle and subtle way. Only I know it is there. But I know. It begins from deep at my center, my core, my light center - and it radiates and shines outward. It comes from my heart. It comes from my 4th Chakra, Anahata. It is the radiance of my love light. It shines.

It has broken through the layers upon layers of programming and paradigms that have been set and established from the time I took my first breath. My love light shines through the traits and generational DNA I have come into this life experience with. Yes! I am home. I am free. I am bliss. I am Love. We are Love.

We are One. Namaste