Growing Into The Age of Aquarius


It is here. It is the lifetime much of mankind has been waiting for, The Age of Aquarius. The time has come when the planet earth and mankind are being ruled by Aquarius. This means, it is time to Love. Time to love one another as if they were truly brothers and sisters. As the planet earth becomes deeper entrenched in the energy of Aquarius, so too will mankind. Whether the effects are being felt directly or not,

it is happening now. There is a shift taking place on the planet that is unprecedented. And as the Year 2012 approaches, the energy that Aquarius brings will grow stronger and stronger. Random acts of Love and Kindness will be a daily occurrence, all around the world. It is no surprise to many, that the human race is heading into a very unique time on the planet earth. A time where history will repeat itself in some ways, while breaking new ground in other ways.

Though much of mankind has been waiting for this time, there are those who are not sure if they want to participate or not. Participate in what? Participate in a life of eternity. Those who are living in the past, who have not yet awakened will have an opportunity to make a conscious choice about whether or not they will be moving forward into the Age of Aquarius÷. with the rest of mankind on the planet earth. This is where the planet and humanity are headed in the Year 2012. The earth÷s ’solar cycle÷ will begin to shift into a ’lunar cycle÷. There will be an abundance of peace and love from one end of the planet to the other. It is no secret about what is to come to those, men and women who have been awake and are knowing. Those who have recently awakened are learning... that the time has come for the hearts of mankind to open and all of mankind will be embraced with ’brotherly love÷. Is it a dream? Something so unique and blissful coming forward through what is, what is happening on the planet today. It is for this reason, the ’solar cycle÷of the earth was meant to allow for the evolution of mankind to bring the planet and civilization beyond its÷tipping point. Beyond the realm of reality. Mankind÷s reality of what is true.

Mankind has come so far in many ways, and yet he remains in the past in other ways. Why? Because mankind has lost the ability to trust in himself, as a race, and in one another.

This is one of the reasons why the ’lunar cycle÷of the earth is a welcome change for those who are knowing. It will restore balance to the planet as humanity comes full circle into what was originally intended. And the intention was for mankind to be a ’heart centered÷race on the planet earth. A race living in cooperation and not competition... one hand feeding the other. One brother (or sister) looking out for the other. All in the name of Love. The Age of Aquarius is a time for mankind to open up and share his love with the world... with one another. It is a time to embrace the process of letting go. As the earth progresses into her staging position for what is to be the most dramatic shift of the planet known to mankind, the energy that is sweeping over her (the planet) is that of Love. Brotherly Love. And it has to do with the era into which the earth is transitioning, the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius has been talked about for centuries. But what is interesting is that it was not referred to the Age of Aquarius until the 70!s. The 1970!s. Why? Because what it truly means, what this age represents is something mankind could not wrap his mind around. It was a concept of brotherly love and peace. One hand feeding the other, and one being lifting up another being. It was a concept so far removed from that which previous generations could relate to, mankind labeled it ’armageddon÷. As such, there have been books and movies written around what mankind was perceiving his ’battle against good and evil÷to represent. But the truth is, it took the generations of the 1960!s and ÷70!s to really understand and deflne what the Age of Aquarius represents. The message of Love rang out loud and clear. It was a message men and women of that time could relate to. In fact, they could relate to the mind-set so much, they began to live it. In the 1970!s there were demonstrations of peace and brotherly love pouring out all over the world. Due to controlling systems in other countries, the demonstrations of the Age of Aquarius were mostly in the U.S., but they were there. The Age of Aquarius was being demonstrated in countries and nations across the planet. The essence of the Age of Aquarius was that of Love. It stood for hope and compassion, peace and kindness. Random acts of kindness were being expressed globally, in ways that were indescribable to most of mankind. These included acts such as communal living, Woodstock and anti-war demonstrations. Regardless of the outcome, these were all demonstrations coming from the desire for mankind to experience the Age of Aquarius.

As the Age of Aquarius has been predicted for centuries, so to has it been publicly scrutinized and criticized. Why? Because it is the end of an era. It is the end to the power and self destruction of mankind by mankind. For years, for centuries, mankind has ruled from a place of power and control. It is what has evolved as a product of living in the past. It didn÷t happen over night, but through centuries of repeating patterns and paradigms. Paradigms about how mankind lives. How he thinks and how he feels about particular belief systems and values in his life. Much of mankind has been living his life today, as if he was living in the past. The values and belief systems that were inherited as a result of a particular life style or particular living conditions, generations ago, are still being used today. As a result, those belief systems from the past are being used as a source of information by which much of mankind is living his life. Those fundamentals for living a life out of survival centuries ago, are sill being used by men and women around the world, today. Can the values and belief systems from generations in the past serve as a guide for living on the planet today? Has there been advancements made and technology established that has enabled mankind to live life in a completely different manner from the past? Is it possible the same paradigms for living in the past, serve anyone living on the planet earth today? They cannot... successfully. And that is why, as the Year 2012 approaches, there will be more shifts and changes that bring the Age of Aquarius into perspective. These shifts and changes will offer a broader perspective of what life will be like moving forward on the planet earth. A time of brotherly love and peace is all possible and it is happening. All mankind needs to do, is let go... let go of the past.

As light beings of love, we are destined to grow towards the light, the sun. As a species, mankind has evolved from his origin within a ’solar living cycle÷. This is all mankind knows through his experience. And now, mankind is in the midst of a life altering transition from a ’solar living cycle÷on the earth, to a ’lunar living cycle÷. As the planet prepares to make her shift, mankind has no experience from which to draw for life in a lunar world. This is a life altering change for mankind. It is a change which many scientists are fearful of. Perhaps they are fearful because an answer does not exist. Mankind is approaching the Year 2012 on planet earth, and he is out of answers. As mankind continues to move forward, he will soon discover that there are many things about life in the future that he does not have the answers to. Why? Because there has never been an example of anything close to what mankind is in the process of experiencing. This is part of the reason why there are those, men and women, who are waking up to who they are, right now. Mankind is awakening to the call of his greater being... his Source. Why? Because mankind has nothing to lose... and everything to gain. It is what is intended at this time... the Age of Aquarius. This will be the flrst time in history that mankind will be experiencing a ’lunar life cycle÷. How is mankind to survive in a ’lunar world÷if all he has to draw from is a solar existence? A solar existence is all any man knows. There is nothing to fall back on, except the ability to trust. Mankind÷s own ability to Trust himself. To trust in what he inherently knows to be the truth, his truth.

It is no secret, this is the Age of Aquarius. It is a time of change and self discovery. It is what has made this particular life experience worth living. Much of mankind has had challenges beyond any expectations. Challenges which men and women have had to overcome and rise up against, in order to survive.

The reason for this is that there are those here, now, who have been preparing. They are the ones who are knowing their time has come. They are those men and women stepping into the light, guiding humanity forward... forward into the ’New Order÷. And it is in the ’New Order÷that mankind will become ’brothers and sisters÷in Love. The concept of brotherly love will rise above anything else and abolish all that man has created in greed and in vain. It is time for the planet earth to take back what is hers by nature. By nature, mother earth is to have the ability to serve mankind through what she is capable of providing for mankind, food. It is all about one hand helping another and one hand feeding the other. The Age of Aquarius is a time for brotherly love and the Age of Aquarius is upon us now. 

Connecting With Your Guides Through a Psychic

The words ‘clairvoyance’ and ‘clairsentience’ both come from the same french derivative, clair, which means ‘clear’. While the word ‘clairvoyance’ literally means ‘clear seeing’, clairsentience refers to the attributes of feeling energy. One way a Clairsentient Psychic di ers from a Clairvoyant Psychic is that the ‘Clairsentient’ is able to see, as well as feel energy. This energy can be in many di erent forms such as human energy, plant energy or spirit energy, just to name a few examples. In contrast, a Clairvoyant is able to see or visualize energy. These are both gifts all human beings possess. The secret lies in one’s ability to become ‘clear’ or ‘open’ enough to tap into this gift.

As human beings, we are all built exactly the same. This may be extremely hard to believe, however, this is the truth. Each human being has incarnated into his or her body with the same equipment. It is our ‘human survival gear’. This means, from a functioning standpoint, each of us has the capacity to learn and know the same information. There is not one human being smarter than the other, but rather, there are variances in the depth at which one man (or woman) can access particular parts of his or her brain - compared to that of another.
What does all of this mean? It means, we are all One. Perhaps you have heard this phrase before. It is a concept built upon the premise that as human beings, we are all from One Universe. We are templates of one another with regard to the ‘hard wiring’ we are given when we incarnate into our bodies. The beauty is, there is not one human being exactly like the other. We are all unique in that we are here to learn and grow in di erent ways. As Light Beings, we are reflections of Love and LIght. As such, we incarnate into our bodies to experience a human life while we learn lessons of enlightenment. This constitutes our journey as human beings on the planet earth. As we move forward learning the lessons we have come to our planet to learn, we become more enlightened beings. Those who have learned numerous lessons through many life experiences are usually those who become so open, they

grow into Clairsentient beings. As a Clairsentient Psychic, one can utilize their gifts to guide humanity forward by o ering clues about the journey forward. This is what a Clairsentient Psychic does. It is not about one man telling another man what to do or what is about to happen. It is about the guidance and support a Clairsentient Psychic can o er. This is where connecting with one’s guides becomes valuable.

We all have guides. Some have many and others have a few. The number of guides is neither good nor bad. It is one of our conditions before we come into our bodies to experience human life. We knew that we would be needing road maps and guidance along the way, along our path to enlightenment. And we also knew, we would be encountering challenges that would bring us to our core, literally, and we would be in need of support. Spiritual support. This is why we have spirit guides. They are the spirits that have stayed in the ‘spirit world’ to be there for us when we are in need. Our spirit guides want us to reach out to them and they want to communicate with us. This is how they can better serve us. However, it is through our ability to be still and listen, which will enable us to hear the guidance coming forward from our spirit guides. If we, as a race, continue to stay plugged in and tuned out, our guides cannot get through to us. It would take nothing short of a miracle for us to receive their communication. And, that is what happens at times. When you hear about amazing stories with near death experiences and tragedies beyond imagination, these are guides wanting to be heard. They have messages they are wanting to deliver. The experiences and tragedies are wake up calls designed to get the ‘victim’s’ attention. And in order for this to happen, some type of balance must be achieved. Balance which o ers an opportunity where the victim can be quiet enough... to listen and hear. To hear the messages their guides are wanting to share with them.

It is quite simple, really. It is a matter of wanting to receive the messages waiting for us from our guides. When you are ready, ready to listen, this is the time to find a Psychic who has the ability to

communicate with your guides. If you are willing to communicate with a Psychic, the next step is to listen and be open to receive. Receive the information that your guides are wanting to share with you. It is all for your enlightenment and all about your growth forward. After all, isn’t that why you are here?